Ever wonder where many of the world’s cutting edge sporting goods and accessories are designed and developed?


ABT Ltd. is a Taiwanese registered, foreign-owned, company comprising a select group of leading industrial designers, composite and other material specialists, development engineers and series manufacturing experts.

Individual names do not matter. Within our industry our people are well known and widely respected by the products and services we’ve been providing for almost two decades.

We are the people in the darkest shadows – Working for many of the world’s leading brands. We hold client confidentiality as our #1 working mantra. Those individuals with bragging egos and (usually) limited talent have no place within ABT.

What We Do

ABT Ltd. offers a wide range of technical services to a variety of different industries. However our main specialty is within the realm of sporting goods of the highest level no matter how simple or complex.

Depending on our client brief, we can provide a wide range of services which may include:

  • Initial Concept Design
    Initial Concept Design
  • Computer Modeling
    Computer Modeling
  • Engineering Drawings
    Engineering Drawings
  • Rapid Prototyping
    Rapid Prototyping
  • Research & Development
    Research & Development
  • Prototype Testing
    Prototype Testing
  • Asian Manufacturing
    Asian Manufacturing
  • Quality Control
    Quality Control

ABT Ltd. has a reputation for cutting-edge product design as well as pioneering work using the very latest materials including a variety of composites, super-lite alloys and thermoplastics. What we don’t do is brag about the wide number of household brands that have used our services over the years.

Examples of Our Work

For reasons of commercial confidentiality we are contractually unable to display or discuss many specific projects. The following are examples of a few projects which are designed and developed by ABT Ltd. for general availability.

Contact Us

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