Frequently Asked Questions

How do you charge for your services?

We treat every customer and project having first clearly understood the client's objectives. Once known we have three basic pricing options which can be tailored to suite the clients needs and circumstances:

Monthly all-inclusive fixed fee - Valid from time commercial contract is signed usually until initial fully approved and tested samples are provided.

Fixed price project. Having fully evaluated the project with our client we are able to provide a fixed price fee for completing the project, no matter how complex or simple. Thereafter, fixed price per finished unit item.

Once a project has been approved and brought into production, subject to annual forecasting we are able to build all fees and service charges into one sample per unit item price which can be broken out from the BOM.

I've seen copies of some of your products?

In many cases we receive a licensing fee from bona-fide users.

In case of blatant, unapproved copying we have been 100% successful in obtaining and enforcing significant compensation through the courts. Indeed the financial income from commercial copying provides us with significant funds to undertake many new projects.

How do I protect my new product that I wish ABT to help commercialise?

Every new project begins with the signing of a commercial NDA which protects both parties commercial and intellectual rights. Since its inception, ABT has never been the subject of any negative legal proceeding or claim arising from intellectual property misuse in any form.

How many projects have you brought to commercial completion?

In excess of 100.

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